Potholes, potholes everywhere

Potholes in Crewe

The state of the roads in Crewe is nothing short of shocking, it’s almost impossible to look at a road without coming across a pothole.

What is worse than the condition of the roads however is the way that they are repaired and that somebody thinks it’s acceptable to fill in the same pothole not just once, not twice but sometimes three or four times.

In 2020 it was reported that Cheshire East spent £24 million on repairing potholes, given the condition of the roads at the minute you would be right to question what has actually been repaired.

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As you can see from the image above, the powers that be seem to think it is OK to pour tarmac into a hole and then when the “repair” fails, go back and pour more tarmac into the same hole over and over.

Our local politicians will argue over who is to blame, they will blame each other but most people won’t care, they just want the pot holes fixed properly.

Where is the sense in repairing the same hole more than once, surely it has to be more cost effective to do it once, properly, how much taxpayers money is being wasted doing this?

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When you look at the quality of the repairs most people would consider them to be sub standard, who at Cheshire East Council inspects these repairs, do they sign them off as acceptable?

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It also seems that a dollop of tarmac is also the go to material for replacing missing or damaged curb stones.

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The people of Crewe deserve better than the bodge it and scarper approach that Cheshire East seem to have adopted.

If a job is worth doing, surely it is worth doing well?

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