New party selects Brian Silvester as election candidate

Brian Silvester

A newly registered political party founded by local politician Brian Silvester has announced it will be fielding a candidate in next years Crewe West by-election.

Crewe First Emblem

Putting Crewe First, Independent Residents Group will be represented by its founder, current Woolstanwood Parish Councillor, Brian Silvester.

Cllr. Silvester said:

Crewe West has always had Labour Councillors, Crewe West has had a Tory MP for 10 of the last 12 years. Crewe West has had a Tory Government for the last 10 years. Both Labour and the Tories have totally failed the residents of Crewe West. It is time Crewe had Councillors who put Crewe first and not their party.

Councillors who will do and say what is in the best interests of their constituents and the town…… and not always put the best interests of their party first. Crewe has sadly gone downhill fast in recent years. Voting for the same old parties, who brought about that decline, will not change anything. It is time for a fresh start.

Cllr. Silvester is a former member of the Conservative Party, UKIP and the For Britain Movement.

The by-election was set to take place in April 2020 but was postponed as a result of the Coronavirus, it was triggered after the death of Labour Councillor Brian Roberts.

The Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party announced their candidate earlier this month.

The by-election is now scheduled to take place in May 2021.

2 thoughts on “New party selects Brian Silvester as election candidate

  1. Brian Silvester’s latest attempt to boost his ego is bordering on satire. Your headline says “Party Selects…” but how many members other than him and his partner does the party have? He uses the word Tory in the believe (possibly true) that many think Tory and Conservative are different but not all of us are that thick. Look at his political career, he burst onto the local scene as a Conservative/Tory and admirer of Thatcher. He rose through the ranks to become leader of the Conservative Group on the old Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council and became leader of the Council in 2006 until he stood down as Group leader to be the final mayor. He complains about Tory MPs but for two of Edward Timpson three successful election campaigns he was an active member of and campaigner for the party. He stayed in the party when C&NBC was replaced by CEC and only resigned when the party was moving to expel him after his infamous prosecution for endangering the lives if his tenants, at which point he suddenly decided he was more of a UKIP sort of person. And when UKIP imploded he moved to For Britain, a group that was so far right that even Nigel Farage was critical of them. He soldiered on as a Parish Councillor in Rope until he moved across to a vacant seat at Woolstanwood (part of Minshull Vernon & District Parish Council). And now he has formed “Putting Crewe First, Independent Residents Group” which is quite amazing given that when he was Conservative Leader he usually opposed investment in facilities in Crewe such as the Lyceum, and best of all, appears to have never been a resident of Crewe! For many years his Wybunbury address appeared in the letters page of local newspapers, followed by a short spell in Shavington until settling in Rope – which is where the new party is registered according to the Electoral Commission. Despite what Royal Mail’s sorting systems say, Rope is not in Crewe anymore than Alsager is in Stoke (another Royal Mail difference from reality). The borders of Crewe are clearly marked by the “Welcome to Crewe” signs, and are confirmed by the Crewe Town Council precept appearing on council tax bills for Crewe addresses. He actually registered the new party in June but the Electoral Commission have rejected 7 proposed descriptions of it, plus the first attempt of the Thomas the Tank style logo – not an auspicious start.

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