New Crewe Town Board look to form Creative Hub in Crewe

Creative Hun in Lyceum Square Crewe

The newly formed Crewe Town Board has announced plans to spend £750,000 on a Creative Hub should a funding application be successful.

The inaugral meeting of the board took place on Septemer 18th.

Earlier in the year, local Labour Councillors hoped that any money that became available from the fund be used to regenerate the dilapidated bus station area.

The proposed Creative Hub will be located in the Lyceum Square, Crewe.

Lindsay Lewis, Town Centre Project Officer for the Crewe Town Council said:

An application has been made to the government as an advanced investment from the Towns Fund. Each town that was put forward for the funding was given the opportunity to apply for £750,000.

Some funds have been allocated for activity elsewhere in the town centre which align with what is being proposed, so it maybe be worth considering allocating those funds for the same activities and putting them in Lyceum Square.

Labour councillor, Hazell Faddes said:

We do need to boost this area of town and encourage more people to come and this may just help. We could all do with some brightening up and relive our creative sides. It will be somewhere to come in the evenings and weekends.”

Crewe Town Board’s Investment Plan is being developed in partnership with Cheshire East, the town council and local residents with the aim of securing £25m funding up to 2026 to support long-term economic growth in Crewe

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