MP calls on government to support local sports and arts.

Crewe and Nantwich MP Dr Kieran Mullan

Crewe and Nantwich MP, Dr Kieran Mullan yesterday (October 8th) called on the government to support local sports and the arts.

During a speech in the House of Commons, the MP spoke about the challenges facing Crewe Alexandra Football Club and the Lyceum Theatre as a reuslt of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Fans have not been allowed into football grounds since March 2020 and although the football club hoped to be part of a pilot scheme to see fans back in grounds this was stopped with further restrictions on September 22nd coming into place.

Live events at the Lyceum Theatre have been suspended until 31st January 2021.

During the speach Dr Mullan said:

My constituency is also home to Crewe Alexandra FC, which is at the heart of our local community, where people of all ages and background come together to support their local club. Though not technically in my constituency, I should probably also mention Nantwich Town FC, which is facing similar challenges.

Crewe Alex’s leadership put an enormous amount of effort into getting its venue covid-secure. They were very disappointed with the decision to put back the return of spectators into venues. If fans can accept not being able to be back watching the sport right now, they need to be confident that it will make it through to the other side of the pandemic.

The gate money it receives is absolutely vital for its financial future. As I said, it is about striking a balance—asking some of the bigger players in the family to help provide financial support.

I appreciate those negotiations will be challenging, but we needed a decision yesterday really. I press Ministers as hard as possible to try to come to some conclusions, so that football fans know that on the other side of the pandemic there will still be a sport for them to go and watch locally.

You can see the full speech below.

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