Labour Councillor questions Cheshire East over town centre demolition plan

Labour Councillor criticises council over town centre demolotion

Labour Councillor Anthony Critchley has today criticised his own council’s decision to demolish the existing Crewe town centre.

In a series of tweets earlier today (October 3rd) Cllr. Critchley questions the position Cheshire East has taken to demolish the existing town centre with no plans or planning application in place to redevelop the area.

There is no timetable in place as to when any building work is likely to begin and no information has been made public as to when a planning application is likely to be submitted.

Cheshire East agreed to purchase the site in April 2015 at a cost of £6 million to the taxpayer.

In the tweet posted by Cllr. Critchley he suggests Cheshire East Council are “Gambling with our town centre”.

Whilst Cllr. Critchley welcomes to plan to redevelop the town centre, in a further tweet he questions whether or not such a decision should have been made by Officers at Cheshire East Council, describing it as “potentially risky”.

The Labour Councillor also said:

If (and it’s a big if) the contract is signed, then this is great news. Crewe will finally be on the way to getting something it’s people long overdue, deserve.

In a response to his own tweets Cllr. Critchley said:

I’ll no doubt be in trouble for saying this but I’m past caring

It was announced in February this year the site would be redeveloped however to date no contract or planning permission exists to redevelop the town centre as it currently stands.

Local residents have questioned whether or not the development is likely to go ahead in the current climate given the change in shopping habits due to the Coronavirus.

The announcement of the demolition was shared in a press release from Cheshire East, it comes as news of a new Creative Hub to be created in the Lyceum Square.

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