Government gives the green light to HS2 in Crewe

Crewe to be included in Phase One of HS2

Boris Johnson has today given the go ahead for the construction of HS2, the high speed rail network in England

The announcement means that Crewe will see services arrive when Phase 2a in completed in 2027.

The new HS2 trains will travel between London, Birmingham and Crewe will see journey times reduced to 55 minutes with two services per hour planned initially.

Phase 2b will see the service extend from Crewe to Manchester with trains expected to be running on this route by 2033.

The project has faced opposition from the public, environmental groups and all political parties due to the spiralling costs and delays.

Work began on the first sections of the new line in 2019, 10 years after the initial proposals for the scheme were announced.

The original cost of the project was estimated at £56 Billion but it is now thought the costs may double to almost £110 Billion.

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