England faces new lockdown to combat Coronavirus second wave

Nation placed into lockdown after government announcement

The Prime Minister has announced this evening a new lockdown for England in order to combat the second wave of Coronavirus.

The news comes as cases of the virus surge across the UK.

The new lockdown will come into force on Thursday 5th November and run until 2nd December.

None essential shops and hospitality will close, schools, colleges and universities will continue to operate during the lockdown period.

Speaking from Downing Street Boris Johnson said:

Now is the time to take action because there is no alternative.

The current Furlough scheme which was due to end today will be extended until December.

It was also revealed during the press conference that the army will also be used to provide logistical support in combatting the spread of Coronavirus.

Statistics released earlier today (October 31st) show that there have been over 1 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the UK since the pandemic began.

Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government said:

What is clear from all the scenarios is the potential for this to be twice as bad or more compared to the first wave.

The original lockdown began in March with the restrictions eased in June.

The news today comes after a previous series of tiered restrictions were targetted in parts of the country, residents of Cheshire East were placed under Tier 2 restrictions on October 12th.

Prof Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England said during the press conference:

If we do nothing, the inevitable result will be that these numbers will go up and they will eventually exceed the peak we saw in spring of this year.

There had been calls from Sage, (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) along with Labour to enforce a lockdown earlier to try to stop the spread of the virus, however, the government choose to follow the strategy of targetted, regional restrictions.

The government has also faced criticism for what has been seen as a failing in the Test, Track and Trace system which may have contributed to the spread of the virus.

You can find the latest government information on the Coronavirus here.

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