Election candidate responds to Labour candidate criticism

New party selects Brian Silvester as election candidate

A war of words has erupted between two election candidates for next years Crewe West by-election.

Cllr. Brian Silvester angered the Labour Party candidate Connor Naismith when he advised against people taking the Coronavirus vaccine in a series of tweets.

Responding to Cllr Silvester’s comments Mr Naismith labelled them as “grossly irresponsible“.

Responding to the criticism Mr Silvester issued a statement to Crewe News, in that statement Mr Silvester said:

The Crewe Labour Party have criticised some of my tweets in my tremendously popular twitter (sic) account @CllrBSilvester, which has an amazing 55,000 followers. I said that I would not take the COVID vaccine and would not recommend others to do so.

In the statement Mr Silvester then began to question the effectiveness of the vaccine claiming it would be no more than 50% effective.

Continuing his statement Mr Silvester said:

We can do what we should have done from the beginning of March. We should let the vulnerable isolate if they WANT to and we will support them.

The rest of us should be allowed to get on with our lives. The lockdowns are killing far more than the ‘virus’. 

The lockdowns should be ended immediately.

We have now had NINE MONTHS of lockdowns. Enough is enough.

He then called on the government to follow the advice of the Great Barrington Declaration

Closing his statement Cllr Silvester said:

The Labour and Tory parties are acting in lockstep, determined to have a never ending lockdown that destroys jobs and local businesses and will end up killing at least FOUR TIMES as many as COVID.

It is evil what the Labour and Tory Parties are doing in partnership together. Voters in Crewe West can express their anger at this evil by voting for me in the by-elections in May 2021.

The Crewe West by-election is due to take place in 2021 after it was postponed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

1 thought on “Election candidate responds to Labour candidate criticism

  1. Silvester is now Crewe’s answer to Donald Trump. When will he realise that on twitter followers doesn’t mean votes, surely he learnt this after his defeat in the Town Council election 4 years ago when he made the same sort of ludicrous claim about followers and then came last. The number just means a lot of people are watching his activities, he is basically under surveillance by the masses, any number of which will be waiting to be the first to call the police when he crosses the line.

    For many years Silvester worshipped Thatcher, perhaps now that he is becoming dangerous it is the time to adopt a Thatcher policy and deny him ” the oxygen of publicity” and stop reproducing his quotes.

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