Crewe West by-election candidate slammed for advising against COVID-19 vaccine

Brian Silvester

Crewe West by-election candidate Brian Silvester has come under fire from his Labour Party opponent after he posted a series of tweets advising people against being vaccinated against COVID-19

Back in September 2020, Cllr Silvester posted also posted a series of tweets where he suggested that the vaccine is a method to control the population and harvesting human DNA.

Connor Naismith, Crewe and Nantwich Labour candicate said:

Labour Candidate for Crewe West - Connor Naismith

I would absolutely encourage people to have the vaccine when they are deemed a priority as per the NHS rollout.

It is grossly irresponsible for a candidate for public office to give this kind of unsubstantiated advice and it certainly undermines the struggle and sacrifice undertaken by our key workers and the wider community during this most difficult time.

His latest political party may be titled “Putting Crewe First” but it is evident the wellbeing of Crewe West residents will always come second to Brian’s extremist Twitter following.

Following approval by the regulator that the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine is safe the rollout of the vaccine began last week with the first vaccines delivered in Cheshire this week. The successful rollout of a vaccine is considered to be vital in the fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Crewe News has approached Cllr Silvester for comment.

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