Crewe Town Council does not need an “Events and Communications Manager” at a cost of £36,000+ per year

Crewe Town Council does need an 'Events and Communications Manager' at a cost of £36,000+ per year

Dear sir,

Crewe Town Council does not need an ‘Events and Communications Manager’ at a cost of £36,000 a year.

If I am elected as a Crewe Town Councillor on May 6th, I will press for that appointment to be NOT made.

They already have SIX other staff who could organise events because Crewe Town Council Delivers ZERO day to day services.

Crewe Town Council was first elected in 2013. It is a Council that has only EVER had Labour Councillors, all TWENTY of them. 

It has always been a Labour monopoly. 

It is an elected Labour dictatorship.

In 2021/22 it will have an annual budget of £1,158,137. How does a Town Council, that does NOT deliver ANY day to day services, manage to spend over £1million a year? 

In 2020/21 the Crewe Town Council tax is going up by a whopping 6%, which is six times the 2020 inflation rate.

What do they spend all your money on? 

Most Crewe residents would scratch their head if they were asked that question.

Labour run Crewe Town Council has increased its spending by an eye popping, unbelievable 400% since it was formed just eight years ago.

The Band D council tax has increased by a huge 185% since 2013.

Crewe Town Council say they ‘Get Things Done Together’.

But what exactly do they do?

They do not deliver ANY day to day services?

So where do all these hard earned taxes go?

Well, Crewe Town Council spend £260,782 a year on staff and employment costs.

They employ 7 staff (FTE). They each cost on average £37,254.

What do they do all day when they deliver ZERO day to day services and since COVID, nearly all the few social events they organise, have been cancelled?

If Crewe residents keep voting Labour, nothing will change and they will have to continue forking out and getting very little in return.

The Tories have never won a Town Council seat.

They never will.

Thankfully Crewe residents now have a viable and better alternative.

Crewe residents have been neglected for far too long by their Labour Councilors and Tory/Labour MPs.

Five of the 6 most deprived Wards in Cheshire East (out of 52) are in Crewe.

‘Putting Crewe First’ will always put the town and its residents first.

For far too long Labour/Conservative Councillors/MPs in Crewe have put the interests of their parties before the interests of residents.

If Crewe residents keep voting Labour/Conservative NOTHING will change.

There is now a viable alternative.

Vote for ‘All Change At Crewe’.

Vote for ‘Putting Crewe First’ on May 6th..

Yours faithfully,

Cllr. Brian Silvester

Candidate, Crewe West

‘Putting Crewe First’

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