Crewe Town Board push against possible Royal Arcade delay

Crewe Town Board push for Royal Arcade planning application

Minutes from a Crewe Town Board meeting have revealed a possible delay with the Royal Arcade planning application.

The application which would include a new cinema and bowling alley was expected to be submitted by spring 2021.

Minutes however from the Crewe Town Board meeting held on Friday, 16th October call into question that date for the planning application to be submitted by.

The minutes show:

The Council intended to push the developer to get the remaining element
of the commercial development into a planning application no later than
May 2022 and the commercial element of the scheme would hopefully be
completed by March 2025

Should the application not be received until then this would be a full year after it was originally expected.

The minutes show that this was the case then the expeted completion of the new cinema and bowling alley would also be delayed for a year.

Demolition of the Royal Arcade site has begun but local residents and councillors have raised concerns previously as to when and what will replace it as no formal planning application has yet been submitted.

Cheshire East announced in October this year a deal had been signed with Peveril Securities to develop the site with a planning application expected to be submitted in spring 2021.

You can view the complete minutes from the meeting below


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