Crewe residents vote to see retail and hospitality return to a new town centre

Crewe residents vote to see retail and hospitality return to the new town centre

In a poll created by Crewe News, we asked local residents what they wanted to see from a future town centre redevelopment.

The results are now in and just short of 1000 votes were cast in total.

From the poll, it’s clear that what the public wants doesn’t align with the current plan proposed by Cheshire East Council for the town.

Under the current proposals, the redevelopment would include a new cinema and bowling alley yet these two options received less than 7% of the total votes cast.

The poll results were clear and the top three choices were as follows:

  1. Cafes, bars and restaurants (24%)
  2. Independent Retail (20.9%)
  3. Branded High Street Retail ( 20.3%)

Almost 75% of the total votes cast were for the above three categories.

Demolition of the current Royal Arcade is scheduled to begin this month even though there is no formal planning application in place to build a new town centre to date. This decision has been questioned and called a gamble by a local councillor.

In response to the poll just under 25% of the voters wanted to see hospitality venues such as cafes, bars and restaurants included in any future redevelopment of the town centre.

To date, we are not aware of any formal survey carried out for, or on behalf of Cheshire East but based on this poll, albeit not scientific, the results would seem to suggest that Cheshire East are out of step with the local residents with pans for the town centre.

Regardless of these results, we think it would be prudent of Cheshire East Council and the new Crewe Town Board to conduct some detailed analysis into what a future town centre should look like and liaise with local residents, who are stakeholders in their own right to formulate a plan that satisfies all parties involved.

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