Crewe residents set to vote in Crewe South Ward by-election

By Election

Residents in the South Ward of Crewe will go to the polls tomorrow to choose a new Cheshire East councillor.

The seat became vacant after Labour Councillor Dorothy Flude sadly died.

We asked all of the candidates to submit an image, a brief biography and their top three issues they will take on should they be elected.

Not all of the candidates responded and each candidate is listed in the order they responded to our request.

Brian Silvester. Independent

Crewe and its residents have been neglected for far too long by their Labour Councillors and Tory MPs.

That is why I have formed the “Putting Crewe First,Independent Residents Group”.

Our aim is to be a totally non-political group who will campaign for improvements in the town. We will also put up candidates at every opportunity.

We are fielding candidates in the two CreweTown Council by-elections and I am standing in the Borough Council By-election in Crewe South, all on the 27/2/20.

Crewe needs Councillors who will put Crewe and its residents first…… and not have Councillors who put their first loyalty to their political party.

Crewe needs Councillors who will do and say what is in the best interests of their constituents and not always put the best interests of their party first.

Crewe needs Councillors who will work hard to improve the lives of local residents not Councillors who do little and preside over the steady decline of the area they represent.

Crewe needs Councillors who will spend public money wisely and not bump up the Council Tax every year.

Crewe is the biggest but most deprived town in Cheshire East.

We are continually losing out to well heeled towns in the North of the Borough, like Macclesfield, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge.

We need Councilors who will fight tooth and nail for the interests of Crewe residents.

Your current Councillors have to toe the party line or they are soon de-selected and out of their job.

Crewe residents pay the highest parking fees in Cheshire East but in NINE other towns in the Borough motorists pay NOTHING to park. This absolute scandal has gone on for 11 years but the Crewe Councillors have done nothing to reduce car parking charges in the town.

Laura Smith. Labour Party

Cllr Dorothy Flude was a wonderful representative for Crewe South and I hope to be able to continue with her hard work.

I want to help people in Crewe feel empowered to achieve change in their community and would work alongside them to deliver positive outcomes.

I am delighted to have been selected to stand for Crewe South in the upcoming by-election. It would be my honour to represent those residents in that ward and I would be committed to speaking up loudly and proudly for Crewe.

Local government is incredibly important and continues to face considerable funding pressures. Now more than ever Crewe residents need dedicated councillors fighting for them and our town.

If elected I will be fighting to get the town centre regeneration done, supporting the re-opening of Flag Lane Baths, getting knives off the streets and making sure Cheshire East Council listens to Crewe voices/

Martin Deakin. Conservative Party

As a previously experienced Councillor for Cheshire East I can bring both experience and a fresh outlook to the role of Councillor for Crewe South

My three high priorities for Crewe South are:
1 Fix the potholes
2 Find and prosecute fly tippers
3 Fight for Crewe Town Centre regeneration

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