Crewe Police arrest man for breach of Coronavirus laws

coronavirus arrest

A video has emerged of a man being arrested outside Crewe Police station for breaching the new Coronavirus regulations.

In a bizarre exchange lasting 7 minutes, the male refused to give a reason for being out or provide his details to the officer when asked.

The officer went on to explain that he had seen the male in the area during the previous hour before taking pictures of police cars.

As the exchanged unfolded the man said:

I’ve got the God-given right to do what I like.

“He also asked the police officer if the new regulations “Make the Magna Carta null and Void”.

The man repeatedly says he doesn’t care about the law and asks if it trumps the Magna Carta, a document created in the year 1215, over 800 years ago.

When the officer explains he is in breach of the new Coronavirus regulations and asks if he is bothered about other people the man replied:

I’ve listened to the science, I think it’s all a load of crap, it’s a load of bogus hoax.

The male then begins to question whether or not the new regulations are law and claims the police officer has no authority over him as he was just a “citizen in a uniform”.

Despite several attempts by the officer to obtain the male’s details he continues to refuse and dispute whether or not the regulation is indeed a regulation or just a Bill passed by the government.

Events took an even more bizarre turn when the male gave his address as “Master” and asked the officer how would he know his own date of birth and that is is “private data”

He then asked the officer if he meant where he lived to which he replied “In me (sic) body”

You can watch the full video above.

We have contacted Cheshire Police for comment.

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