Crewe North Councillor Campaigns Against 5G Mast Near Children’s Charity

Crewe North Councillor Campaigns Against 5G Mast Near Children's Charity

Labour Councillor for Crewe North, Jill Rhodes, has expressed her concern at plans for the erection of a 5G phone mast close to a Crewe charity which supports disabled children and young people.

The planning application 21/2687N, which has already been submitted, would result in a mast being erected opposite the car park entrance to Hopes and Beams on McLaren Street. Cllr Rhodes says that she made her concerns about the plans for the mast known at pre-planning stage, but that her comments have not been taken into account.

Councillor Rhodes said:

I have considerable concerns about the siting of this mast and am disappointed that the comments I have already submitted on this matter have been ignored. I would urge the Planning Officer handling this application to take another look at it and consider whether it is appropriate, given the proposed location. I would also encourage members of the public affected by the plans to make their views known

Hopes and Beams is a multi-award-winning charity, which provides children and young adults with physical, sensory and learning disabilities valuable opportunities to learn, play and socialise in a safe and stimulating environment. One of the criteria for siting a mast is it should not be close to facilities for children.

The proposed site is also located close to a children’s play area.


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