Crewe company promotes mindfulness at home

Crewe company promotes mindfulness at home

Crewe based husband and wife team, Howard and Lucy, have launched an online store called The Happy Shrub to promote and encourage practising mindfulness among home workers in the UK, using the ancient Japanese art of bonsai. The perfect gift for hard-working loved ones.

happy shrub Crewe company promotes mindfulness at home

It comes at a time where there’s a national push to promote positive mental health in light of data reflecting depression, anxiety and stress being amongst the most common causes of long-term absence for the UK workforce – further exacerbated by national lockdowns.

With a minimalistic selection, to make choice easy for those new to the hobby, Lucy and Howard wanted to lean toward tropical plants to ensure people without garden space can partake too.

happy shrub 2 Crewe company promotes mindfulness at home

Co-Founder Lucy said:

We’ve been working so hard to get everything right, we just hope it can breathe some life into mindfulness using something we found to be truly great

At the very least make someone’s home office or garden look a little nicer. We’re not highly qualified psychologists, nor are we masters of bonsai or botanists

We just want to share our hobby and help people detach themselves from their stress. Everyone deserves some time to put their own mind first, now and again

All their bonsai come with a book explaining the link between nature and the mind, which helps put into practice simple techniques that are based on academic research, supporting the idea that caring for a bonsai can have a positive impact on mental health.

Whether people are working from home or in the office, the married duo is encouraging people to take short breaks throughout the day to care for bonsai.

happy shrub 3 Crewe company promotes mindfulness at home

Aside from this being a way to reduce the production of stress related-hormones, caring for these small shrubs utilises a range of cognitive-based skills which can help people focus, become more creative and help them to make better decisions in both their professional and private life.

Furthermore, every bonsai carries a donation to the Mental Health Foundation to do what they do best: Supporting good mental health for all. This ‘Work for Good’ campaign plans to be the first of many campaigns they’ll run to support good mental health for the community.

You can visit the website via this link for the latest information.


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