Crewe-based firm partner with experts to reach net-zero carbon

Crewe-based outsourced customer communications provider Cymphony announced that it will be the UK’s first company in its field to reduce its carbon footprint to net-zero.

Crewe-based outsourced customer communications provider Cymphony announced that it will be the UK’s first company in its field to reduce its carbon footprint to net-zero. 

Cymphony will be partnering with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading brand in environmental consultancy, who is seeking to help businesses like Cymphony reduce their carbon emissions at source. The organisation carries out independent annual audits of businesses’ carbon emissions, covering energy consumption, travel, emissions, and any other elements of their activities, which impact the amount of carbon they produce.

Following the results of Carbon Footprint Ltd’s audit, Cymphony has already off-set its 2020 carbon emissions by supporting a range of carbon-reducing initiatives across the world, and is now rolling out its strategy to ensure net zero is consistently achieved in the years to come.

Cymphony is committed to reducing and off-setting emissions and will achieve this by only purchasing energy from renewable sources. The business will also be decreasing its energy consumption by installing motion censored lights, for example, and will mininise single use plastics as well as operate a paperless office policy. Cymphony is also pulling together an internal team, charged with identifying areas for improvement and will be educating staff to ensure they are aware of how their actions increase their footprint.

Tim Morris, Managing Director of Cymphony said:

We’re delighted to be the first company in our field to commit to a net-zero carbon future and the first to partner with Carbon Footprint Ltd. For the future of our planet, it’s vital that all individuals, businesses and governments across the globe work towards the common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions

As a business, we are committed to decarbonising and supporting the UK government to reach its net zero emissions by 2050. By joining forces with Carbon Footprint Ltd, it will enable us to offset our carbon footprint – and we will achieve this through our environmental task force which will help us to reduce our impact on the environment by focussing on where we source our energy, energy efficiency, recycling and travel policies.

For Cymphony, 2020 was a relatively good year for carbon emissions, with increased home working and far less travel meaning our emissions were much lower than we would have otherwise expected. Because of this, we took the opportunity to increase our offset and achieve a net negative for the year; something we’re delighted to have been able to do

Director of Carbon Footprint Ltd, Dr Wendy Buckley, said,

As we emerge from the pandemic it’s vital for businesses to both offset emissions already caused and commit to reducing their carbon going forward to meet the global needs to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

It’s great to have Cymphony on board and we hope more businesses in their sector will follow suit. At Carbon Footprint, we have already helped thousands of businesses measure their impact and set carbon reduction targets. Millions of other organisations and individuals have assessed their carbon footprint and used our other online tools too. By doing so they have been able to make changes to their everyday actions and choices to reduce their carbon emissions, and support internationally certified carbon offsetting programmes.

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