Crewe and Nantwich Local COVID-19 data

Crewe and Nantwich Local COVID-19 data

We have compiled a series of graphs based on the latest data available from the government for the Crewe and Nantwich area.

The graphs show the total numberof confirmed cases* Between March 2020 and October 1st 2020.

We have further broken it down into areas within Crewe and Nantwich areas.

Because of the size of the graphs This page is best viewed on a desktop PC or a tablet where possible.

For more detailed data for a particular area, click on section of the coloured bar to display the number of cases for a given week for that location.

Source: ONS

  • The data set provided records in some instances the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 as between 0 and 2 per week.
  • Where The total number of confirmed cases has been recorded in this way we have recorded this as 0 in the data.
  • In a week where the data has been changed as above the confirmed the actual number may be up to 2 higher for that week.

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