Crewe and Nantwich Labour demands answers from government over local restrictions

Crewe and Nantwich Labour Laura Smith

The Crewe and Nantwich Labour party has expressed concerns over the restrictions placed on residents in Cheshire East in order to combat the Coronavirus.

Cheshire East and Cheshire West will be under ‘Tier 2’ restrictions from Wednesday, the government announced on Monday 12th October.

This will involve the prohibition of people mixing with others outside their household in indoor settings including pubs and restaurants.

Research by the Institute for Public Policy Research suggests that The Chancellors employment support programme will only save 230,000 jobs, with around two million people working in otherwise viable jobs predicted to become unemployed by the report.

The employment support programme will involve the government subsidising wages up to two thirds in circumstances where it is not safe for individuals to go to work.

Connor Naismith, Chair of Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party said:

The government is imposing these restrictions at the same time as it is withdrawing financial support. Tier 2 restrictions are the worst of all worlds for local businesses who are not legally required to close their doors but whose customers are no longer there as a result of the restrictions. When people can pay two thirds of their rent or mortgage and two thirds towards their groceries, perhaps two thirds of their wages will be enough

Laura Smith, Labour councillor for Crewe South said:

We all want to see people kept safe from the virus and will support steps to do so where necessary. However, restrictions cannot come at the expense of perfectly viable sectors and we need to see the evidence that these restrictions are actually containing the virus and we need to see an exit plan for local restrictions too

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