Councillor responds to Twitter suspension

Councillor Brian Silvester

Parish Councillor Brian Silvester has spoken out after the suspension of his Twitter account for a violation of their rules.

Mr Silvester’s account was suspended by Twitter on Tuesday evening for violating the Twitter policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.

In recent weeks, however, Mr Silvester has angered local residents by suggesting they should not take the Coronavirus vaccine and calling into question the very existence of the virus.

In September 2020 Mr Silvester also tweeted a series of conspiracy theories suggesting the virus and vaccine was part of a plan to harvest human DNA.


In an email sent to Crewe News, titled “Suspended from Twitter for telling the truth”, Mr Silvester said:

My twitter (sic) account is vey (sic) popular with 55,800 followers.
On 5/1/21 my account was suspended for an entirely factual tweet. (See below)

The email then referenced content from a tweet as shown below, the tweet made three claims.

Mr Silvester in his email to us elaborated on his claims.

1) “Testing is 93% FALSE positive.”
This has been confirmed by the PM and the Deputy PM and numerous other sources.

2) “99.98% of us have NOT died of #Covid.”

That figure is easily confirmed using the total world population and the total of deaths ‘with’ COVID.

3) “Asymptomatic people do NOT pass #Covid on. No need for masks.

In the link that Mr Silvester provided as evidence that, “Testing is 93% FALSE positive”, nowhere in the BBC article is the claim made by either the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister as Mr Silvester states.

The only reference to 93% is in regard to testing at airports where the article cited by Mr Silvester quotes the Prime Minister as saying:

Mr Johnson said while he understood “the difficulties” the airline industry was facing, “93% of the time you could have a real false sense of security, a false sense of confidence when you arrive and take a test”

Closing the email, he added:

It is an outrage that someone can be suspended from twitter (sic) for just telling the truth. You have to wonder why mega-media groups like Twitter, You Tube, Google etc don’t want the truth out there.

Mr Silvester has confirmed he has appealed to Twitter to overturn the suspension.

1 thought on “Councillor responds to Twitter suspension

  1. Can anyone remember him in his Conservative party days complaining about mega-media groups like Rupert Murdoch’s when they were peddling Conservative propaganda??

    As for banned for one tweet, his nonsense in mid December mentioned that he didn’t want another ban, which implies they had banned him before so presumably he was allowed back on probation.

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