Council leader warns of further NHS pressures

Cllr Sam Corcoran Leader of Cheshire East

The leader of Cheshire East Council has warned residents in Cheshire East that the NHS is likely to be placed under further pressure as the rate of Coronavirus infections increases.

In a video shared by Cllr Corcoran on Twitter earlier he said:

More worryingly the number of infections has increased sharply in the last two weeks and we know that hospital admissions tend to follow a week or two behind infections so the pressures on the NHS locally will increase over the next few weeks

Councillor Corcoran also revealed that there were a further 275 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Cheshire East yesterday bring the total number of infections to 13,930.

Cheshire East has a population of approximately 380,000, roughly 1 in 25 or 4% of the population in the area have been infected with the virus according to the numbers published by the council leader today.

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