Conservative Party announce Crewe West by-election candidate

Conservative Party announce Crewe West by-election Candidate

The Crewe and Nantwich Conservative Party have announced their candidate for this years Crewe West by-election.

Teja Vaddala, came to the UK in 2010 to pursue a master’s degree in Computer Networks. since graduation in 2012 he has worked as a Software Engineer and was married in 2018.

The by-election was set to take place in April 2020 but was postponed as a result of the Coronavirus, it was triggered after the death of Labour Councillor Brian Roberts.

In a press release, Mr Vaddala said:

I’ve always been interested in politics and want to serve and work to make my community a better place. As the Ward Councillor, I will represent the voice of local people getting local issues addressed.

I currently volunteer for community work and attend community action events such as litter picking and charity work across Crewe West and the wider Crewe area.

He added:

This area has always been represented by the Labour Party which has consistently failed to serve the needs of the local people. This is an opportunity for change and the time to make our community a better place, West Crewe needs a new approach and a different kind of Councillor to represent us.

Over the past two years Labour-led Cheshire East council have failed to support small businesses in Crewe and have failed to deal with high car parking charges as promised in their manifesto. In particular, Labour Councillors across Crewe have failed to successfully lobby the Cheshire Eastcabinet to address these issues.

Under this Labour Council, the majority of roads in Crewe are in a poor state of repair with potholes making the roads unsafe for cyclists and road users with blocked gullies and road drains – despite the fact that over the past two years, Cheshire East Council has received record amounts of winter funding from the Conservative Government, for emergency pothole and highways repairs.

As your Councillor, I will fight for Crewe West residents on those issues that you have already told me matter to you; above-inflation Council Tax rises, car park charges, improving and making our highways safer.

The Labour leader of Cheshire East Council seems to take our town for granted, as a Crewe resident that is something I will never do.

The by-election is now scheduled to take place in May 2021.

To date two other candidates have been announced, Connor Naismith will represent The Labour Party and Brian Silvester will represent Putting Crewe First.

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