Bentley produces PPE equipment to aid with Coronavirus outbreak

Bentley manufactures and donates PPE equipment to the Cheshire care sector

Bentley has announced the production of 30,000 face shields, the PPE equipment will be used to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

Using cutting edge 3D printing, the luxury car manufacturer has produced the face shields for all 95 care homes in the area as well as other NHS and local community services.

Along with the face shields, Bentley has donated 1800 disposable seat covers to the NHS primary care and community services.

Bentley recently paused production at the Crewe site as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. In a recent announcement, production is set to resume on the 11th May 2020.

In a statement issued by the company, Dr. Astrid Fontaine, Bentley’s Board Member for People, Digitalisation and IT, said:

We are utilising our world-leading engineering and manufacturing expertise, the remarkable vehicles and resources we have available to us, and also our extraordinary colleagues, who are going to such efforts to help the local Cheshire area and the healthcare professions, locally and nationally, who continue to perform such heroics

The company has also extended its “Meals on 22 inch wheels” service, using Bentley vehicles to aid local community projects and services.

The company staff have been working with local charities to deliver food bank parcels and prescriptions for those in need.

In the statement Bentley also announced it has provided glasses, face masks and gloves to local healthcare services.

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