Bentley begin stockpiling parts amid Brexit fears

Bentley begins stockpiling parts amid Brexit fears

Bentley Motors has confirmed the company has begun to stockpile parts in case of a no-deal Brexit and the effect that would have on the companies supply chains.

In an article in the Sunday Times newspaper published today (13th December) Bentley CEO, Adrian Hallmark said:

The millions of pounds it costs [to stockpile] is better than the hundreds of millions that we would lose from not being able to build cars.

Earlier this month Mr Hallmark also spoke about other measures the company was taking in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

In an article published by the Guardian newspaper on December 2nd, they reported that Mr Hallmark, speaking at an industry conference confirmed Bentley has secured the use of five Boeing 747 jumbo jets to move parts into the UK as a contingency measure to avoid disruption with moving shipments through UK ports.

He also confirmed the company would be subject to 10% tariffs should no Brexit deal between the UK Government and the EU be agreed.

Mr Hallmark added:

We’re ready to jump off a cliff with a parachute that hasn’t been tested, we’d rather not be jumping off the cliff with a parachute at all.

The company usually holds stocks of parts for two days worth of production however it has been confirmed that Bentley has now increased its stock of parts to cover 14 days of production.

The car manufacturer Honda paused production due to delays with receiving parts as a result of congestion at UK ports and other manufacturs have warned of dire consquences should no Brexit deal be agreed.

The news comes at a time of great change for the Crewe based company, back in November it announced that it would fully commit to the production of electric only vehicles by 2030.

Back in June Bentley confirmed that it would cut its workforce by 25% as part of its Beyond100 program with the announcement of compulsory redundancies.

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